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So here I am, trying out what this "blogging" thing is all about. Must be interesting, and hopefully not a complete waste of time as my man is doing IT constantly, well not physically ;-) , and so far IT seems to be my only competition... like they say: if you can't beat them, join them. Hopefully I also get the drift!
blackmama - 25. Oct, 22:47

Fooling around...

Still trying to get a grip on this... and then....

pathologe - 25. Oct, 22:51


it might take some time until it trips, but then... ;-)

Anyway, when I started my first blog about 6 years ago, nobody commented in the beginning. It took a long time until someone started commenting. Maybe because my posts are strange.

blackmama - 26. Oct, 20:49


Between now and 6 years I would have thought inevitable changes would have taken place, but then somethings never actually change I presume. Talking about strange... for real man ;-) xx

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Happy birthday! (Give and take some minutes)
pathologe - 27. Nov, 23:57
I would say the answer...
I would say the answer depends on what you feel on...
walk├╝re - 10. Nov, 17:06
but, is that nix?
but, is that nix?
schneck08 - 10. Nov, 01:34
It must be...
that the calm a perfect day brings = sleepless, eyes...
blackmama - 7. Nov, 01:14
'Vexation' how so un - relaxing you are, yet so close...
blackmama - 26. Oct, 20:55





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