'Vexation' how so un - relaxing you are, yet so close that even when you are not actually called upon you show up and make yourself so available to be held onto. Here I am getting all worked up and pissed off because of a very simple act that a comment would prevent... phew at least I have something to blame it on... yes indeed my dear old 'vex' you are to blame. But then how tasty would life be without the extra spice and the dessert that follows after...

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Happy birthday! (Give and take some minutes)
pathologe - 27. Nov, 23:57
I would say the answer...
I would say the answer depends on what you feel on...
walk├╝re - 10. Nov, 17:06
but, is that nix?
but, is that nix?
schneck08 - 10. Nov, 01:34
It must be...
that the calm a perfect day brings = sleepless, eyes...
blackmama - 7. Nov, 01:14
'Vexation' how so un - relaxing you are, yet so close...
blackmama - 26. Oct, 20:55





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